In the Venus project, we are developing a new concept of rare earth free electrical motor for electrical vehicle.

Why rare earth free?

The European Industry is dependent of other countries for supply of rare earth materials. In 2011, due to a reduction in China’s exportation quota, the price of rare earth magnets increased dramatically. Different sector swhich were benefitting from permanent magnet motor technology started to put in doubt the economic feasibility of permanent motors in mass production. Although the prices nowadays are moderated, the uncertainty about the availability of rare earth materials make simportant to have an alternative motor concept that is rare earth free which could fulfill the highest requirements in terms of efficiency and power density.

How are we planning to overcome the absence of magnets?

The magnets increase the power density of electrical motor designs. To overcome the absence of magnets, VENUS team's concept is based on combining two technologies, Switched Reluctance Motors (SRM) and Axial Flux technology. SRM motors exhibit good performance despite the fact that this topology does not employ any magnets. However, the power density of this topology is inherently lower than permanent magnet motors at same size/topology. Combining Axial flux motors with SRM topology, the power density increases and the resultant motor concept can be a competitive technology.

What is the scope of the venus project?

Venus project will develop and manufacture an Axial-Flux Switched Reluctance Motor and will integrate it in a commercial electric van to validate the design concept in a real application. The prototype will be fully operative including communication protocols, ad hoc developed power electronics and specially designed high performance control. All this elements will be manufactured by VENUS team members focusing in the highest integration of the different parts.

 will The developed conceptbe feasible to be mass production product?

In the design stage of the motor and the drive, the feasibility of mass production has been taken into account. The economic feasibility for mass production of the whole drive by European Industries is one of the main design targets of the VENUS project.

How could i contact with venus project team?

If you have any comment or you are interested in Vthe ENUS project, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will answer as soon as possible.